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The Real Reason You Need Online HR Training

Posted by Janine Yancey

April 14, 2015

 Why You Need Online HR Training

The winds of HR training have seriously shifted due to technology. Why are more companies using online training over the traditional in-person method? Three very simple (but surprising) reasons. Read on to learn why companies have been making the switch.

Online training offers better litigation protection.

Most companies use training to avoid costly claims and litigation. In the unfortunate event you have to actually defend against a claim, you want your HR training to work for you. In order for that to happen, your training has to be able to quickly and effectively show all neutral third parties that you did your part to create a respectful and level playing field at work.  

The main problem with in-person training is that it’s difficult to show your training efforts and it opens the door to multiple concerns: content of the training, qualifications and potential bias of the trainer, whether people actually stayed for the entire training, etc.

Remember, lawyers are looking for any discrepancies they can find — in training or otherwise. Make it easy on yourself by using an online training program across your organization, authored by an established industry expert. This way, there’s no question or dispute about what you actually taught people. A standardized and reputable training program eliminates factual disputes, which provides the best defense in court and helps you create an awesome workplace.

Employees learn better in shorter bursts.

Learners typically retain about 5% of a lecture and that percentage usually dwindles with each passing month. So, an entire training session to teach the basics of a topic can be a waste of time for all parties. The flipped classroom method is an emerging educational approach that teaches you the nuts and bolts of a topic online based on your need and schedule.

Using online training, you're able to better achieve actual learning by letting your employees train when they have the time and mental energy. This results in a more effective way to teach workplace concepts like ethics, workplace harassment, and compliance. Trying to teach complicated concepts in person and in one sitting is going to overwhelm your employees and most likely ensure they won’t be able to put what they learn to practice.

Learners can ask anonymous HR questions from industry experts.

Let’s face it, people typically don’t feel comfortable talking to HR about their workplace-related questions. People have a skewed image of HR. One report even indicates that employees think HR people are incompetent, dishonest, biased in favor of the employer, not objective or fair, and too political.  

As an HR professional, you’re the first point of defense and education for your company. But, it’s fair to say there’s a natural reluctance on the part of your employees to seek you out — so make it easy for them to ask questions.

We’ve created a free online community that lets your employees ask HR questions anonymously from a number of industry experts, including the former government official that enforced HR training mandates in California. By allowing anonymous questions, people are emboldened to ask the questions on their minds, without fear of retaliation.

Best of all, anonymous questions don’t create any extra work or liability for you or your employer. Even if someone is sharing an EEO concern, there’s no triggering duty since the asker is anonymous and not linked with any company. Also, your neutral third party online trainer can aggregate these workplace questions for smart reporting of “hot topics” back to company management.  


Online HR training is the best way for you to meet state and federal training requirements, protect yourself from potential claims, and save time and money. It doesn’t hurt to have online training that won’t bore your employees either. Don’t believe me? Click and try your own free demo!

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Janine has been certified by both Federal and California courts as an expert in harassment training and investigations — she’s provided expert testimony on both topics. As a harassment investigator, Janine investigated allegations of harassment and misconduct within former Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown’s office.


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