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5 Free Tools to Help You Stop Workplace Bias

Posted by Allison Baker

September 15, 2015


What are you doing to manage workplace bias? Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions from our learners about bias (gender and otherwise) in the workplace.

Since workplace bias is such a trending topic and an important issue to address, we decided to do something about it.

Janine-Yancey-Image"To enable and foster change at a macro, societal level, starting the dialogue with small, fledgeling teams will hands down make a bigger difference than beginning the dialogue at larger, more mature companies. It's the difference between proactively creating ideal workplace cultures versus cleaning up existing problems."
                                       -- Janine Yancey, President of Emtrain

Even though this is an incredibly important social issue to address, we know it's hard to pull the resources together for a bias program.

So, to make this easy for you, we've pulled together free community resources to help you create your own version of a managing workplace bias program. 

1. Conversation-Starter: Gender Bias Video 


This shareable video is the perfect primer to start discussing gender bias in the workplace along with additional instructional support. Speaking of which, see below to find out how you can get Facebook's free bias workshop!

2. Facebook's Bias Workshop


We were very excited when Facebook announced that it was making its workplace bias workshop free to the public. We think this workshop is so valuable, that we are encouraging customers and non-customers alike to assign it through our learning platform (LP) for free.

Current customers can click this link to find out how you can assign and track Facebook’s workplace bias workshop on our LP.

Otherwise, click here to get started with your free account. 

3. Webinar: Strategies to Stop Workplace Bias


In this 60-min webinar, we brought together the best minds in the industry to show you how to eliminate bias in the workplace. Phyllis Cheng (DLA Piper partner and former Dir. DFEH) and Eileen Carey (co-founder of Glassbreakers.co) share their insights on how to stop bias in your workplace.

4. Guide: 4 Great Ways to Foster Diversity and Stop Workplace Bias


With best practices from Phyllis Cheng (former Director of the DFEH) and Eileen Carey (co-founder of Glassbreakers.co) this helpful guide about diversity in the workplace provides tips for gathering diversity data, starting mentorship programs, and making unbiased hiring and promotional decisions.

5. Guide: How to Avoid a Bias or Retaliation Claim


Finally, here is a guide from Phyllis Cheng that will help you prevent any bias or retaliation claims in your workplace. Phyllis outlines best practices on how to handle workplace romance, off-duty conduct, and other issues that may lead to legal claims.

Do you have any questions for our experts? Just click to ask.

Ask our workplace expert, Phyllis Cheng!

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