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9 Free Ethics & Compliance Videos to Share with Your Team

Posted by Janine Yancey

November 10, 2015

9 free ethics and compliance videos to share with your team

Video training tools are a hot item in the compliance world. I spoke with several compliance officers and CCOs across multiple industries and they all want the same thing: short video lessons that can be easily viewed and distributed.

Creating a culture of compliance takes more than just annual training. If you want to influence your workplace compliance culture, a check the box strategy doesn't cut it anymore. 

You need to teach and demonstrate ethics and compliance on a regular basis. Short video clips and lessons like the ones below are a great way to illustrate real life scenarios employees might face regarding ethics and compliance issues.

These videos are free to distribute to your team via email communication, during lunch and learns, and during presentations. Here are a handful of the best ethics & compliance videos we have in our library:


1. Reporting to a Hotline


Topic: Ethics and HR

This scene demonstrates a situation in which calling an ethics hotline would be appropriate. 


2. Steven Cohen Deposition


Topic: Insider trading

This real-life deposition of Steven Cohen shows learners the consequences of insider trading.


3. Why Smart People Make Dumb Decisions 


Topic: Ethics

This video from ethics expert Sally March explains how good people rationalize unethical decisions.


4. Buy Bungle 


Topic: Insider trading

This scene illustrates what insider trading looks like and how to avoid it. 


5. The Simple Bribery Mistakes People Make  


Topic: Global Anti-bribery and Corruption (FCPA)

From FCPA expert Professor Mike Koehler, this video explains why the Foreign Corruption Practices Act is important for everyone in your organization to know about.


6. Misuse and Misappropriation


Topic: Ethics

This scene shows two business associates who commit fraud by charging a personal expense on the company credit card.


7. Why Healthy Competition Matters


Topic: Antitrust

Antitrust expert Bob Connolly explains why healthy competition is good for businesses and consumers.


8. Navigating Red Tape 



Topic: FCPA

This scene shows two business owners discussing whether they should commit an FCPA violation to get their business up and running.


9. Manager Violates Code of Conduct


Topic: Ethics

A manager and employee discuss whether they should release a product with a known defect.


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