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ASTD's TechKnowledge Conference

Posted by Janine Yancey

February 6, 2013

ASTDTK2013I spent several days last week at ASTD's TechKnowledge Conference in San Jose to learn about the newest trends in corporate training. After talking with many instructional designers, eLearning developers and other trainers, we all seem to agree that learning is in a paradigm shift. People generally have shorter attention spans and expect the learning program to do more work than was expected in the past.  For example, whereas it used to be commonplace to memorize significant amounts of information and then work at understanding how the information was relevant to a particular situation, learners now expect to be "spoon-fed" snippets of information that are directly related to their personal experience.  

While showcasing CenterStage Library, our new video library training service for instructional designers, one trainer indicated he could see assigning the videos as stand alone learning objects.  When I explained the videos are 1-2 minutes long and illustrate concepts and are not intended to stand on their own, he said, "I can supplement with an email and get the point across in 5 minutes or less, which is perfect."

The trainer's idea is appealing, particularly as it relates to communicating corporate policies.  Try it out if you like. Just access www.centerstaglibrary.com, sign up and use the free trial code:  ASTDTK13.

Topics: Training, eLearning