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Be Aware of Data Privacy Issues

Posted by Alicia Busse

August 1, 2017

Data Privacy Guide

In a busy day, it can be easy to overlook, or not even think about, data privacy issues. But one thing you may not consider is how crucial your help is to protecting sensitive or confidential information for your clients, colleagues and organization.

Data or information privacy addresses how we collect and use information we obtain in the course of our business activities.

Data privacy laws vary by country and can be complex - but certain kinds of activities like sharing your login and password information with a co-worker can become a serious red flag. Red flags help let you know when to slow down and seek high level guidance.

One simple step you can take towards collecting information appropriately is learning how your data privacy policy works. Ask your organization for clarity on data classifications, data handling, and data protection policies -- making sure you understand how all data/information should be handled. If you are unsure, just ask!

Everyone in your organization has a role to play when safeguarding business assets and it is always in your best interest to maintain the trust you have earned from your co-workers, clients and business partners.

To help you safeguard yourself and your organization from common workplace data privacy issues, Emtrain has created a Data Privacy Guide that addresses organizational red flags and useful security tips.








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