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Business Strategies Scale An Inclusive Culture

Posted by Alicia Busse

May 23, 2017

Unconsious Bias Training

Creating an inclusive workplace culture is an advantage to any organization.  

Emtrain’s CEO & Founder, Janine Yancey, recently wrote in her article, Diversity Tactics Don’t Scale - An Inclusive Culture Does, about the importance of having an inclusive culture and why a business strategy of making better decisions via a diverse team can drive momentum.

Janine explores the challenge with an organization that focuses on building an inclusive culture through diversity tactics only. When culitvating diversity becomes a “check the box” task the impact is sustained only as long as the initiative is in play.

When focusing first on business strategies to drive inclusivity, different more sustainable results can be experienced. If varied perspectives are positively encouraged in workplace meetings and brainstorming sessions, then efforts towards an inclusive workplace culture can continue to grow organically as the momentum of good decisions build. 

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