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Employment Status Worksheet: Independent Contractor or Employee?

Posted by Sam Keshavarz

February 1, 2016


Employee misclassification and wage & hour issues are top of mind for HR professionals in 2016.

In fact, 70% of those surveyed during our recent webinar indicated that wage & hour and employee misclassification issues are at the top of their list of concerns in 2016.

Due to the rise of the on-demand economy, it's become increasingly difficult to determine whether a worker is an independent contractor or employee.

Misclassification claims and lawsuits will rise in 2016 as the courts continue to grapple with the legal gray area of an on-demand economy.

Use this free Employee Classification Worksheet, along with the Worker Classification Checklist, to help you properly classify your workers as independent contractors (IC) or employees (EE).


Topics: HR, HR Compliance, Laws & Regulations, Wage-and-Hour