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Posted by Allison Baker

October 27, 2016

Emtrain's gotten some press!

We have some very exciting things going on at Emtrain: we just launched our Managing Unconscious Bias Program and we’re in the process of updating Preventing Workplace Harassment to a multi-media course.

What’s more, Emtrain’s Managing Unconscious Bias Program recently got written up in TechCrunch and Bloomberg BNA!

Emtrain Founder & CEO, Janine Yancey, along with the co-developer of the program, Joelle Emerson of Paradigm, chatted with Megan Rose Dickey from TechCrunch about our new UB program and what sets it apart.

“[The program] is really facilitating an online dialogue. It’s an ongoing program and dialogue, and what I’m excited about is soliciting some of these personal experiences that people might not otherwise feel comfortable sharing,” Janine told TechCrunch. You can read the rest of the TechCrunch article here.

The Bloomberg BNA article by Martin Berman-Gorvine addresses strategies to put together an effective unconscious bias program. Berman-Gorvine included quotes from Janine Yancey and Joelle Emerson to emphasize the importance of creating a continuous dialogue instead of a one-time lecture.

On creating an effective program, Berman-Gorvine said, “Unconscious bias must involve dialogue, not lecturing, buy-in from senior executives and stress on the business importance of the effort...”

You can read the full article here. Oh, and if you missed out on Joelle and Janine’s Lessons on Building an Effective Unconscious Bias Program, you can watch the recording here.

Have you seen the animated preview for our Managing Unconscious Bias Program? Watch it now!

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