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GUIDE: How to Conduct a Reduction in Force (RIF) Efficiently and Humanely

Posted by Allison Baker

December 13, 2016

How to conduct a RIF humanely

Rightsizing, streamlining, downsizing, or optimizing… whatever you call it, reductions in force (RIFs) are difficult for everyone involved.

While every business would prefer to avoid the trauma of a RIF, unfortunately it’s an inevitable cycle that hits every organization at some point.

A critical element when facing the prospect of a RIF is planning and preparing extensively. If you can conduct the transition as respectfully and efficiently as possible, you will be able to minimize the negative effects on your culture, mitigate exposure to claims, and move the organization through this difficult change quickly.

This guide for implementing a RIF, written by talent and culture expert Steve Cadigan, will help you balance business needs, legal requirements, and humanity during this difficult process.

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