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How to Prevent Violence in the Canadian Workplace

Posted by Allison Baker

June 14, 2016

 Preventing Violence in the Canadian WorkplaceWorkplace violence is a serious concern in Canada. In fact, more internet searches for “workplace violence” have come from Canada than anywhere else in the world.

Perhaps the reason so many Canadians are searching for answers is that the term “workplace violence” is extremely broad and can include various types of physical and verbal harassment.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety notes that workplace violence isn’t limited to a physical attack; it can also include threatening behavior, verbal or written threats, harassment, or verbal abuse.

New Canadian laws are making it easier to prevent and report workplace violence and harassment, but there are additional steps employers can take to prevent workplace violence.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent workplace violence in Canada:

  • Conduct a workplace violence hazard assessment

  • Develop preventative measures

  • Report and investigate workplace violence

  • Establish an emergency response plan

  • Provide victim support

  • Follow-up on incidents

  • Provide workplace violence prevention training and education

  • Conduct an annual review

For more information about how to prevent violence in the Canadian workplace, check out the infographic below and don’t forget to register for our Creating a Respectful Workplace Under New Canadian Laws webinar with Karen Bock.

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