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Manage Your Wage and Hour Violation Risk with Our Free Toolkit

Posted by Allison Baker

August 10, 2016

Manage your risk for wage and hour lawsuits

With the new DOL overtime rule going into effect and employee misclassification violations on the rise, wage and hour issues will be a focus for many HR departments this year. 

How do you plan to manage your wage and hour violation risk this year? 

To help manage your risk for wage and hour violations, we put together a free Wage & Hour Toolkit. This toolkit has everything you need to help you manage common wage and hour issues from misclassification to ensuring that your employees take proper meal and rest breaks:

  • Sample Wage & Hour Policy

  • Wage & Hour Guide: Exempt vs. Non-Exempt

  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor Worksheet

  • Podcast with the former head of the DFEH about how to comply with the DOL's new overtime rule

  • A chance to ask questions to our wage and hour expert

  • Information about other Emtrain wage and hour-related solutions 


Click below to access your free toolkit!

Access My Free Wage & Hour Toolkit


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