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NEW HIPAA Training Course: Protecting Health Information

Posted by Alicia Busse

August 17, 2017

New HIPAA Training Course

How your organization treats sensitive healthcare information can either strengthen - or compromise - your organization’s culture and reputation.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a complicated set of statutory and regulatory requirements that govern how protected health information is created, accessed, stored and transmitted.

If not careful, HIPAA can lead to highly disruptive and expensive investigations, fines and litigation expenses - that is why it is important for your organization to understand HIPAA requirements and know how to connect the dots between appropriate behavior and simple steps to safeguard your clients protected information.

Emtrain is eager to share with you our new HIPAA Training course! Our new course was designed to help your workforce apprehend HIPAA’s requirements, the protections provided in HIPAA and how they impact your organization and clients.  

Learners have access to King & Spalding LLC Partner and Emtrain's Course expert, Marcia Augsburger to anonymously ask questions via our innovative Expert Q&A feature. 

Check out our new HIPAA Training course today to train your team on how to ensure confidentiallity and privacy of employee and client health information. 







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