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Posted by Alicia Busse

April 25, 2017

 Microlearning Video Messages

At Emtrain, our mission is to build healthier organizations. As a continuing effort to help companies accomplish this goal we have reimagined the look and design of our website and are excited to share with you what we have been working so diligently on!

An effective organization thrives off the importance they place on their employee training and education. There are many advantages to using Emtrain’s online compliance training solutions: to positively influence employee interactions and behaviors, to keep in touch with the latest technology developments and to receive ongoing support of your training programs. 

You will find easy to access free resources including videos, webinars, guides and whitepapers, a modern library of HR and business compliance courses, ability to ask an Expert workplace questions and many more exciting tools that you can utilize to help create a culture of compliance and inclusion.

Need to reach your learners quickly and more frequently?

Check out our new Microlearning video solution, 3 Minute Video Lesson™, and extend your training beyond a one-time event to an ongoing program, or address a hotspot issue on demand.

Click here to learn more about how microlearning enables you to send and report on short video lessons for your organization.

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