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Our Most Talked About Training Video: Unconscious Bias in Tech

Posted by Janine Yancey

March 23, 2016

Watch our most talked about training videoWorkplace bias and unconscious bias are trending topics, especially as they relate to the tech industry's lack of diversity.

While we were creating our updated Preventing Workplace Harassment course, I knew it was important to include a workplace scene about gender bias. What I didn't anticipate, however, was the learner response to this short video clip (you can watch it below).

Based on a real workplace incident in the tech industry, this video shows what allegedly occurred at one well known Bay Area startup - resulting in the company founder leaving his own company due to the conflict.

What resonated the most with Emtrain learners learners was the nature of the gender bias; it’s not illegal harassment or discrimination, but it does create an uneven playing field.

The truth is: we're all biased. We all have unconscious biases that help us make quick assessments of people and situations. Unfortunately, those biases get in the way of decisions that should be related to objective facts instead of subjective opinions.



Due to the overwhelming response on the topic, we're putting the finishing touches on a course fully dedicated to understanding and managing our unconscious bias. This is essential for creating a more inclusive workplace and a level playing field.

In the meantime, we're hosting a free webinar with unconscious bias expert Joelle Emerson!


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3 Smart Ways to Manage Unconscious Bias

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