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The Important Difference Between Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Posted by Allison Baker

February 25, 2016


I know what you're thinking. Wait, is there a difference between employee satisfaction and employee engagement? 

There certainly is, and it's huge. Employee satisfaction is trasactional; a satisfied employee has her basic needs met (compensation, office perks, benefits, etc.) and will simply meet expectations. 

Employee engagement, on the other hand, is transformational; it inspires your employees to go above and beyond. Your employees will not only meet expectations, they will strive to exceed them.

The best part is that employee engagement is mutually beneficial. If you engage your employees and help them thrive, they will give back ten-fold. 

That's not to say satisfaction isn't important; it's only part of the engagement equation.

Give your employees great experiences and they will show you great performance. Isn't that what it's all about?

Oh, look! Here's a handy infographic on the subject from Decision-Wise! Check it out and tell me your employee engagement tips in the comments.




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