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Top Questions Employees Asked HR in 2016

Posted by Allison Baker

January 12, 2017

Our learner Q&A function is a great way for learners to receive guidance on everyday workplace issues and it also gives us visibility into trending topics in the workplace.

It's been a big year for HR, from new regulations to shiting views about gender identity and unconscious bias in the workplace.

Here are Emtrain's staff picks of top learner questions from the last year highlighting trending areas of concern for HR for 2017.

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5 Ways to Implement a Modern Approach to Harassment Training [GUIDE]

Posted by Allison Baker

December 22, 2016

Corporate training mandates have been around since 1999, but an EEOC task force report found little evidence that training lowered the number of harassment claims at all.

Download your free guide to discover five ways to implement a modern approach to harassment training to impact change and reduce claims.

This guide will help you:

  • take a data-driven approach to your harassment prevention program

  • utilize video and other multimedia to engage learners

  • create a sustainable program that won't break your budget or workload

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GUIDE: How to Conduct a Reduction in Force (RIF) Efficiently and Humanely

Posted by Allison Baker

December 13, 2016

Rightsizing, streamlining, downsizing, or optimizing… whatever you call it, reductions in force (RIFs) are difficult for everyone involved.

While every business would prefer to avoid the trauma of a RIF, unfortunately it’s an inevitable cycle that hits every organization at some point.

A critical element when facing the prospect of a RIF is planning and preparing extensively. If you can conduct the transition as respectfully and efficiently as possible, you will be able to minimize the negative effects on your culture, mitigate exposure to claims, and move the organization through this difficult change quickly.

This guide for implementing a RIF, written by talent and culture expert Steve Cadigan, will help you balance business needs, legal requirements, and humanity during this difficult process.

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After Hours Conduct Checklist for Supervisors and Employees [Free Download]

Posted by Allison Baker

November 21, 2016


The holidays are upon us, which means your employees may be interacting outside their regular work environment more than usual.

Office parties and holiday celebrations are a wonderful way to express gratitude and appreciation to co-workers and supervisors, but you'll want to make sure to set guidelines for appropriate workplace behavior.

It's important to remind your supervisors and employees that what might be appropriate behavior at a party they might throw themselves may not be appropriate at a work event. 

This checklist is available to our learners on our new Preventing Workplace Harassment course, but we thought it might be a great resource to distribute to your workforce right before the holidays.

Download your free After Hours Conduct Checklist for Supervisors and Employees by filling out your information below. As always, if you have any questions, ask our experts at experts@emtrain.com!

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Stop Workplace Harassment In Its Tracks With This Free Tool

Posted by Allison Baker

July 12, 2016

What we know from years of answering employee questions is that many employees aren’t clear about what constitutes illegal harassment and discrimination.

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NEW! Emtrain's Resources Page

Posted by Allison Baker

June 27, 2016

We're all about creating tools to make your life easier. And we just made doing that even easier by putting all of those free tools in one, easy to navigate place.

Introducing: our new Resources Page! Everything is super organized and easy to find - let me show you!

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Is Your Organization at Risk for Workplace Violence?

Posted by Allison Baker

June 16, 2016

 Every year in the U.S., 2 million people are affected by workplace violence. From physical harassment to emotional and verbal abuse, the cost of workplace violence has increased significantly in the last 20 years.

Since 1995, the annual cost of workplace violence has increased from $36 billion to $130 billion. Monetary costs aside, this problematic workplace behavior takes an emotional and physical toll on employees, shareholders, family members, and the community as a whole.

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How to Prevent Violence in the Canadian Workplace

Posted by Allison Baker

June 14, 2016

 Workplace violence is a serious concern in Canada. In fact, more internet searches for “workplace violence” have come from Canada than anywhere else in the world.

Perhaps the reason so many Canadians are searching for answers is that the term “workplace violence” is extremely broad and can include various types of physical and verbal harassment.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety notes that workplace violence isn’t limited to a physical attack; it can also include threatening behavior, verbal or written threats, harassment, or verbal abuse.

New Canadian laws are making it easier to prevent and report workplace violence and harassment, but there are additional steps employers can take to prevent workplace violence.

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How to Prevent Bullying in Your International Workplace

Posted by Allison Baker

June 8, 2016


In a recent survey, Emtrain asked which workplace issue employers were most worried about. Of those polled, 67% named workplace bullying as the workplace issue that concerned them the most.

Even though many countries still don’t have anti-bullying laws in place, workplace bullying remains a trending international workplace issue.

According to the Healthy Workplace Campaign, workplace bullying is defined as repeated health-harming mistreatment that takes one or more of the following forms:

  • Verbal abuse.

  • Offensive behaviors that are threatening, humiliating, or intimidating.

  • Work interference or sabotage that prevents work from getting done.

Illegal or not, workplace bullying kills productivity, damages your employer brand, and can even lead to costly lawsuits, depending on the discrimination and harassment laws in your country.

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How to Comply with the DOL's New Overtime Rule [Podcast]

Posted by Allison Baker

May 31, 2016

We know you're busy. Really busy. But, you still need to know to comply with the DOL's new overtime rule by December 1, 2016.

So, we created a quick, digestible, and delightful podcast episode to tell you everything you need to know about the new rule that affects employers with employees who make less than $48,000.  

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