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Trending in 2017: Managing Unconscious Bias

Posted by Janine Yancey

January 6, 2017

let's get managing unconscious bias trending in 2017!

As you strategize your business goals in 2017 and beyond, managing unconscious bias needs to be a priority. Time and again, we've learned that cultivating diversity and inclusion in the workplace drives real business success.

Unfortunately, unconscious bias can stymy your efforts to build a better workplace. And while the government can protect minority groups from harassment and discrimination, it's the private sector that can really impact change.

Read my article on HR.com to learn why it's critical that business and HR professionals focus their efforts on promoting a level playing field to benefit our economy, businesses, and employees.

Let's get managing unconscious bias trending in 2017! Oh, and make sure to RSVP for our upcoming webinar with the Founder and CEO of Techstars to learn more about how diversity and inclusion will be your competetive advantage in 2017. 

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