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NEW! Managing Unconscious Bias Program

Posted by Janine Yancey

October 6, 2016


If you're having a difficult time fostering diversity and inclusion in your workplace, unconscious bias may be the cause.

What is unconscious bias? Unconscious bias is the information, beliefs, and stereotypes that affect our information processing subconsciously.

That means we are biased in ways we don't even realize! Our unconscious preferences can influence who gets hired, team dynamics, and who gets career opportunities.

To help minimize unconscious bias in the workplace, we created a Managing Unconscious Bias Program to help people understand and manage the dynamics of unconscious bias so people promote a more level playing field, which fosters diversity and inclusion.

Emtrain's NEW Managing Unconscious Bias (UB) program, co-developed by Paradigm, helps influence employees, reports on your culture, and targets diversity initiatives based on employee feedback and data.

By integrating data tracking and reporting into our online UB solution, we can identify problem areas in the talent cycle and more effectively deliver change.

Emtrain's Managing UB Program includes:

  • Kick-off with 30 minute animated online UB course

  • Interactive learner feedback including opportunity for learners to help affect change by choosing a personal action commitment

  • Follow-up micro-learning videos targeted to UB "hotspots" 

  • Emtrain reporting of anonymous employees’ action plans and feedback

I’m excited to offer a program that is more than “raising awareness” and is designed to be actionable and move the needle. 

At the end of the program, employees will have a personal action plan and employers will receive critical business intelligence.

You can watch the animated course preview below. Want a live demo of the entire program? Click here.

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